1/1 scale mobile topographic printer ADAPTED tO REAL construction sites 

Bimprinter® : How does our robot works ?

Bimprinter® works thanks to the combination of the mobile robot, a total robotic station, an external terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone), a specific software developed by us to prepare your tracing mission and a mobile wifi access point.

How Bimprinter is working ?

Bimprinter® : A printing system combination of

Fluorescent paint and laser engraving 

for a 2mm accuracy 

Combination of a painting system and laser engraving for a perfect accuracy

Bimprinter® :  printing your dwg layouts

Prepare your missions with your CAD software, use updated DWG layout and a grid of axes set in the site reference system. Our Bimprinter® software will allow you to define the robot movements and launch the mission.


Bimprinter® : Piloting software - 2 working modes

  • A full automatic mode. Robot is completely autonomous  and automaticaly  follows layout preparation
  • A semi-automatic mode. The pilot drives the robot with his computer, tablet or smartphone and prints at the desired location.
Bimprinter : Control the robot with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone

Bimprinter® : Automatic and systematic Quality Control

Automatic and systematic Quality Control

Bimprinter® is compatible with the major brands of robotic total stations : Leica - Topcon - trimblE

Bimprinter is compatible with brands as Leica, Topcon and Trimble