The mobile topographic printer

Bimprinter towards new approach of construction layout

Towards construction 4.0

The construction world is in the midst of digital transformation.
BIMPRINTER® robot is bridging the gap between the digital twin of a project and its set-up on site. The automation of building layout is  approved for doing the job fast, accurately and even better than traditional methods.

Bimprinter robot is compatible with total station of Leica, Trimble et Topcon

our Promise

BIMPRINTER® is a full robotic high definition plotter,  tracing at laser millimeter accuracy, straight on slabs with all the associated details of your digital project. No more reading errors. Construction workers now have a clear and immediate vision of the partitions, walls and techniques of the project 

Bimprinter for your small or complex construction site


Accuracy of 2mm - Printing of your points, lines, framing, curves, texts and quotations - Layout can be printed on various supports such as concrete, asphalt, wood, roofing - Print perfectly on sloping ground (slope up to 15%) - Adapted to all types of building sites and particularly to the most complex ones - No more working on your knees, our robot plays out while you prepare next steps.

with the financial support of Feder and Wallonia

With the support of Feder and walloniA

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Bimprinter mobile robot automates building layout

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With support of Feder and Wallonia
Bimprinter automate robot in partnership with Desimone
Bimprinter and CSTC partners for innovation in construction robots
Bimprinter, tracage des plans numériques. Lisibilité et réduction des erreurs sur chantier


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